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Client ····· Nuts Inbox
Subject ···· Product description
Formats ···· Website copy

For snack subscription service Nuts Inbox, I wrote all initial website copy—from practical info on ordering, to summaries of different categories and descriptions of each individual item. This meant researching nutritional facts and communicating them with gusto, while emphasizing the convenience of Nuts Inbox's service.

“Hand-picked nuts, dried fruit, and gummies all made from premium ingredients and delivered straight to your front door.”


We offer a variety of delicious, health-conscious mixes—each with a unique spectrum of flavors. Ingredients are consciously arranged to create a harmonious balance in every bag, giving you big-time taste to defeat big-time cravings. Whether you’re hiking, entertaining, or simply snacking solo, we’ve got a mix that’s perfect for you right now.

Dried cranberries are a luscious, low-calorie way to settle your hunger and boost your immune system, all at the same time. A full spectrum of B vitamins stabilize metabolism and give your energy a lift, while an impressive dose of magnesium provides anti-inflammatory help, along with relief from muscle cramps. In short— it’s a great-tasting snack that also makes you a greater you.

Pumpkin season may be short, but with a near-endless list of health benefits, our raw pepita kernels deserve a daily showcase in your mouth. As an excellent source of magnesium, they go a long way towards strengthening immunity, along with providing sleep-boosting magnesium. They also contain crucial micronutrients like zinc, iron, manganese and vitamin K that are tough to locate all in one food. Whether you sprinkle them on your salad or eat them straight from the bag, this is one superfood that’s always in style—all year-round.

Our tropical trail mix brings a vacation to your senses, and an immunity boost to your system. Papayas, cranberries, pineapples and raisins provide a sweet spectrum of tastes—accented by delicate coconut flakes. Our decadent toffee peanuts anchor your mouth in bliss, while your body absorbs a generous dose of protein. All in all, this is one vacation you can always afford to take.

When your energy’s waning, our Greek yogurt trail mix has what you need to power through. With an enlivened blend of yogurt, dried cranberries and pineapples—along with peanuts and golden raisins—this mix is all about diverse deliciousness. Fuel yourself up for wherever your travels take you (even if it’s just to the kitchen).

Our sumptuous array of options runs from familiar comforts like dried figs and jumbo black raisins, to wow-worthy specialties like blood orange and sour tart cherry. Whether you toss them into trail mixes or enjoy them on their own, each selection packs all the nutrients of their hydrated counterparts, without any of the mess left behind. And with a selection of pure fruits—untouched by added sugar or preservatives—we’ve truly got something for everyone.

“Fuel yourself up for wherever your travels take you (even if it’s just to the kitchen).”